Our Capabilities

Remote | Mining | Civil

JMAC offers a comprehensive scope of capabilities. Our in-house team of skilled tradespeople will efficiently, cost-effectively and safely bring your project plans to life.

With our support, you’ll have the equipment and technology you need to have your project run smoothly and on budget.

We offer a comprehensive and flexible range of building options for your remote or metropolitan project. Scroll down to find out what JMAC can do for you.

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What We Do

With qualified personnel and reliable equipment, JMAC can create a thriving base for your remote or metro operations.

All works undertaken comply with relevant state legislation and construction best practices. Our scope encompasses:

All works undertaken comply with relevant state legislation and construction best practices. Our scope encompasses:

  • New, renovated and refurbished buildings for the industrial and residential sectors
  • Mining site/camp building maintenance & refurbishment, as well as mining core-shed erections
  • Small/large scale and general concrete works, e.g. slabs, footings, stairs and footpaths
  • Full-scope earthwork projects and architectural design

As technology and building standards evolve, so do we. Our willingness to apply new techniques and invest in modern hardware enables us to keep a competitive edge. That edge means a more rapid and cost-effective build for your project.

Reliable, adaptable & experienced.

Three more words to describe JMAC - from foundation to fit out.

Flat Pack Construction

Our flat pack solution is cost-effective, efficient, versatile and rapid.

Compliant with all National & State standards, this option is great for the bottom line and includes:

  • Office blocks
  • Toilet & shower blocks (UG mining specs)
  • Kitchen & crib rooms

Able to be transported in bulk - with up to ten buildings in one container, our FPCM reduces building lag time and logistics overheads.

Rapidly assembled on-site within two days of delivery, this solution provides excellent budget and time benefits.

Pre-fab Construction

JMAC design and supply transportable buildings for all types of work sites and camps. These ‘ready to use’ solutions are available for purchase or rent.

  • Transportation to site – remote or otherwise
  • Foundation Setting - if required
  • Crane-age
  • Set up / Erection
  • Electrical & Plumbing works

JMAC has a wide and flexible range of options for your Civil, Mining or Government project.

Applying decades of experience plus embracing new building solutions and technology, you can be confident that a team with a solid track record will look after your project.

How We Operate

Crucial to completing the job on time, safely, and within budget, multiple competing priorities must be managed throughout a project's lifecycle to keep on track.

One of those critical areas is labour.

All facets of the construction industry are finding it more and more challenging to secure reliable, skilled workers from within Australia. As a result, many projects struggle to complete within time and budget.

One significant example is that the ageing population of tradespeople aren't being replaced fast enough by a new generation of apprentices.

Unfortunately, over-relying on unskilled labour to fill the gaps poses serious issues, not only to safety but also critical, 'on time project delivery.

95% of JMACs team are qualified, specialist tradespeople, with many having worked with us for over a decade.

Highly Skilled Teams

JMACs teams of highly experienced and qualified tradies underpin the strength of our company. They continue to move us forward by applying time-proven methods and adopting new building techniques/technologies. Additionally, they are instrumental in the mentoring & development of our pipeline of trade apprentices.

Our tradespeople hold current licences relevant to their discipline and the state they work within. They include:

  • Earthwork pro's
  • Concreters
  • Plumbers
  • Shed erectors
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Air conditioning techs.

Due to various factors, temporary and unskilled labour is essential in cost-effective project delivery. To offset risk,  we apply a comprehensive set of procedures/protocols such as shadowing and site & job-specific inductions.

Where extra staffing is needed, we turn to our long-standing resourcing partners who understand the calibre of individuals we're looking for to fit and work within our teams.

As for building our future talent and capabilities, JMAC is proactive in adopting new technology where outcomes for our clients are improved. Additionally, we actively recruit new talent, regularly onboarding apprentices to join and learn from our experienced team.

With the capabilities of today and an eye on tomorrow, we are ready to support your project.

Robust Project Management

A solid, clearly communicated, and agreed-upon project plan is essential for the success of any worthwhile venture. Without it, failure is a certainty from the get-go.

Without the backing of a highly experienced team, the impact on budgets and deadlines can be far-reaching. While changes can occur during a project, transparent, proactive and frequent communications ensure all parties are working towards the same, shared end goals.

By using JMAC Civil's team of highly experienced project managers, you can expect clear communication and agility as needed. With our combined, significant experience, there's very little that our team haven't seen and managed before.

Time-Proven Systems

Our impressive track record comes from running a tight ship to meet our client's expectations and construction outcomes safely and productively.

Following a simple 3-category agenda of 'update, plan, mitigate/fix', our regular meetings with operational personnel ensure schedule alignment and head off any issues that arise.

As part of our overall 'Zero Harm' safety policy, our site manager holds daily toolbox meetings to identify, check and resolve any and all aspects of our worker and site safety.

Those on-ground updates are then bought together for weekly management meetings with key stakeholders. This simple three-tier structure allows our team to handle project progress effectively.

Financial Strength

Another fundamental factor to a project's success is the financial liquidity of contract partners. Having the capital to secure planned and unplanned resources is paramount to starting a job and seeing it through to completion.

At JMAC, our dedicated finance team focuses on our business re-investment strategy and on managing our cash flow. As such, we always have sufficient available capital at any given time to ensure that our projects run smoothly.

We combine structured planning and agility to deliver on our promises.

Reliable Equipment & Resources

According to statistics, the failure of equipment accounts for around 40% of total project overrun costs. Additionally, over-reliance on materials sourced from city hubs can lead to bottlenecks and freight costs. It goes without mentioning that these two issues can severely affect a project’s success.

We mitigate those issues by investing heavily in high-quality equipment and adopting a ‘local first’ strategy for resourcing.

We have the following equipment on hand:

  • Iveco semi-trailer with machinery trailer
  • Pantach semi-trailer for our on-site office and workshops
  • Kubota Skid Steer (mine spec)
  • Kubota 5.5 tonne excavator (minespec)
  • Scissor lift (mine spec)
  • 2 smaller trucks for team & materials (mine spec)
  • Tool trailers (mine spec)
  • Toyota LV’s (mine spec)

Market Leading Brands

Comprising market-leading brands, all of our equipment
is serviced regularly and replaced as required to enable the highest levels of efficiency.

We have the equipment to transport machinery for mobilisation. Should additional equipment be required, we turn to our long-standing suppliers to source whatever the project requires to run smoothly and on budget.

Locals 1st Approach

As for required materials, at JMAC, our ‘local first’ approach has served us well over our 20+ years of operations.

Because most of our suppliers have worked with us from the start, we can leverage the best local prices and reliable supply, reducing the risks associated with resource bottlenecks.

Additionally, this approach bolsters regional companies and the communities they support.

At JMAC, safety is more than just compliance. For us, it is the foundation of efficiency and productivity.

Health And Safety

The critical success factor to any project and which is indicative of every aspect of our operation, is health & safety.

As reflected in our exceptional safety record, our fundamental belief is that safety is the responsibility of all. To bolster our ideals, we apply comprehensive risk management tools and constantly review for optimisation.

Additionally, our senior managers spend quality time in the field to embed and perpetuate our ‘zero harm’ culture among the workforce. As such, our team members feel empowered to make the right safety decisions and communicate where they see risks or opportunity optimisations.

With our proactive, inclusive approach to safety across our workforce and the maintenance of our equipment, risk is controlled, injuries and incidents are kept to a minimum.

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

JMAC has safely delivered projects on time, within budget and specifications for more than two decades.

Our satisfied, high-profile clients are a testament to our commitment to excellence and laser-sharp focus on what matters most.